We're a fun group that relies on peaceful, factual, tactful education to make change. Email us to be a volunteer. No specific time requirements! Here are some photos showing us at past events. We're pretty cool. ;)

Write Reviews for the Heartland Pets & Millcreek Mall


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Share knowledge with your community!

Have a Conversation

People learn best about new issues when they know someone who cares about that issue. Do you care? Share your knowledge with your friends and family. YOU will leave a more lasting impression than we ever could, since those people love you already!

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Patch Program - teach your children well!  

Check out our unique and education patch program. Tell them the truth about the puppies at Heartland Pets & other puppy mill outlets. Teach them the red flags! They won't grow up to purchase a dog and enable cruelty.


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Get creative!

Are you an artist? A vendor? A teacher? A writer? Radio personnel? Shelter worker? You have a special talent. One that our exec board doesn't have. Contact us at EriePuppyMillAwareness@gmail.com with your idea of how your skill or connection could help us. 

Tell your representatives how you feel

Call your state senator and representative!

EPMA, Humane PA PAC, HSUS-PA, and many other organizations have been hard at work for years to get this legislation passed. It's on the table now, and your elected representatives need to know that this matters to you! 

Victoria's Law Basics

  1. This legislation would make it illegal to sell puppies, kittens, and bunnies at pet stores, flea markets, and roadside stands in PA. It would require newspaper and online ads to show kennel license numbers and therefore increase transparency to consumers.
  2. It leaves legit breeders alone
  3. It will decrease tax dollars spent on shelter dogs
  4. It will decrease euthanasia in shelters and the emotional toll it takes on shelter workers and vets.
  5. The only people who lose are the pet stores that won’t convert to the humane model and the puppy mills.

It couldn’t be better! More information on Victoria's Law. Find your elected officials


File reports - write one story and send it to all the places! 

Attorney General - Email: petscams@attorneygeneral.gov 

Erie Puppy Mill Awareness - Email: EriePuppyMillAwareness@gmail.com 

  • Tell us your story. Whether you've worked for a mill or purchased a dog. Your story could be the one that makes a difference.

Do you qualify for the PA Puppy Lemon Law

Tell Heartland Pets what you think - https://www.heartlandpets.net/contact-us/ 

Tell the Millcreek Mall what you think about their allowing a puppy mill to operate under their roof - https://www.millcreekmall.net/info/contactus

File a Puppy Complaint with the HSUS -  https://www.humanesociety.org/forms/puppy-buyer-complaint-form?referrer=https%3A//www.google.com/

The BBB should know, too (did you know that A+ is the default rating for a BBB business?) -https://www.bbb.org/us/pa/erie/profile/pet-shop/heartland-pets-0141-18003223

Make a Statement - Make It Viral!

  • Use our hashtags on Facebook, Instagram, google, yelp, etc.
  • Hang fliers at work or in your neighborhood (we can send you some).
  • Put our cards at the front desk of your small business.
  • Speak the truth anywhere you can. Contact us with an idea for an event or fundraiser.
  • Pull your strings to save some lives! If you don't protect your friends and family from supporting this cruel, outdated, unnecessary industry, who will? 
  • Remember - always be peaceful, factual, and tactful. 
  • #heartlandpetsgohumaneorgoaway
  • #eriepuppymillawareness  

Stay Suspicious

Online retailers, newspaper ads, flea markets - all of these places support puppy mills or at best, backyard breeding. Don't fall victim again. If you'd like to find a good breeder - take our advice. Especially as new and better laws take hold, be suspicious of rescue organizations that pop up or always have puppies available. 


Always make adoption your first option. If you want a specific breed, just be patient and they will show up. Otherwise, open your heart and home to a mixed breed, or as we like to call them, an American Shelter Dog. Check petfinder.com to easily browse all your local rescues and shelters. For the most up to date listings, visit the shelters themselves. Be prepared to answer questions and be interviewed! The shelters just want to make sure they find a forever home for their rescue.

Do you have pull with local or national media or a lawyer? 

Go for it. We have lots of research you can use!  

Erie Puppy Mill Awareness