Erie Puppy Mill Awareness


Puppies are adorable and easy to fall in love with! But if you're not careful, the money you use to buy one could be used to keep a puppy mill open and in business -- which means keeping your pup's Mom & Dad in neglect and misery for years to come. Dog lovers need to unite and pledge not to accidentally support puppy mills anymore. This is important, and is the personal responsibility of anyone who has ever loved a dog! If we keep buying these pups, no matter our reason, the parent dogs will keep suffering. Here are the red flags to watch for: 

  • You are at a pet store - no reputable breeder sells to a pet store, ever! No exceptions. Spending money at a pet store selling puppies goes directly to keep that behind-the-scenes puppy mill in business
  • Any ad that has more than 1 or 2 breed of dogs is likely a puppy mill. They can be sneaky so keep track for a few weeks! 
  • You aren't allowed to see Mom in person. A picture is not good enough.
  • The seller wants to meet you at a public place to complete the sale.
  • For one reason or another, you're not allowed to see right where the puppies were raised & where Mom lives.
  • Any ad that sells "doodles" or other designer breed dogs.
  • The seller doesn't care much about you or how the dog will live, but cares more about making a sale.
  • The person claims to be an "agent" or "broker" selling puppies for a good breeder.
  • The seller has not done any genetic clearance testing for their breeding dogs. Click here to find which genetic diseases and/or conditions should be screened.
  • The seller will ship a puppy to you without meeting you in person first and/or without extensively interviewing you.
  • The seller doesn't really care if you know much about the breed or it's specific needs/wants.
  • The puppies are offered for sale or delivery before they are 8 weeks old.
  • Even some "rescue" organizations are just fronts for puppy mills. If they always have puppies, be skeptical. This will become more and more common as more anti-puppy mill and anti-pet store legislation takes hold. 
  • Someone holds up a sign on the side of the road or camps out near a busy roadway trying to sell puppies.
  • You see the puppies and the Mom but they are clearly dirty, poorly cared for, or sick. 
  • The puppies are being sold at every day places such as parking lots or flea markets.

Wow, that was a lot of red flags! Have you memorized them? Make sure you do! If it looks like a lot, that's because it is. There are WAY more bad breeders out there than there are good ones. Be skeptical. Do your due diligence. Click on this link to help you on your journey to finding a real breeder.

MOST IMPORTANTLY --> If you find red flags, DON'T BUY THE ANIMALS! 

We know it can be SO hard. We know it may feel like you're "rescuing" one of them. But here's the ugly truth - if you give that seller/bad breeder money in exchange for an animal, YOU are contributing to animal cruelty. You're a dog lover -- don't use your money to condemn Mom & Dad dogs to misery!

So now you know how to avoid puppy mills. Teach the red flags to your friends, family, and co-workers. Need more ways to help click here