Erie Puppy Mill Awareness


Proof of Heartland Pets Receiving their Puppies from Puppy Mills

In February of 2017 the United States Government removed public access to view both old and new Inspection Reports. They cited that they needed to protect the "breeders" identities. EPMA can no longer do any new research on breeder paperwork submitted. We do still encourage you to submit records from Heartland Pets to us via email, as many other organizations also have done research on puppy mills and we may be able to add to our database from their previous research.

Click on the breeder names below to see the documentation that Heartland Pets has purchased puppies from puppy mills. EPMA has collected over 40 documented cases!


Mickey Bentley
AG Beukelman
Vernetta Brengman
becky busboom
Claire Carlisle
Pat Crabtree
Rebecca Eiler
Robert Engbrecht
Gerhard Felts
Jean Goslar
lori gruber
Susie Haidsiak
Kathy Hamblen
Tara Hansen
Norma Jean Harders
Helen Hartwig
Shane Isom
Shelli Kershner
Eugene Martin
Roberta Matschullat
Jason Middlethorp
Erin Moody
Nancy Mulder
JoAnn Nelson
Paul and Mary Nichols
Andrew Noponen
Butch Olseth
Cee Cee Polt
Lisa Polt
Zola Price
Dave Ruter
jere taylor
Steve and Judy Thiesse
Ashley Tinda
Paul Urbanec
Gary VandeWeerd
Dave Voss
Jane Waterman
Rodney and Dorinda Wittmer

Photo Credit: National Puppy Mill Project

Photo Credit: National Puppy Mill Project

Photo Credit: National Puppy Mill Project