There is legislation pending in PA that would take GROUNDBREAKING strides against puppy mills, and it NEEDS YOU TO HELP IT KEEP MOVING! 

SB 1154 (Senate Bill) and House Bill 2601 are now circulating! Now is the time to call both your State Representative and Senator. Scroll down below to get your Senator's and Representative's contact information or click here.


Who does the bill impact? Puppy millers and pet stores!

Does the bill impact reputable breeders? NO!!

What will the bill do? Ban the sale of puppies, kittens, and rabbits in pet stores and at roadside stands or flea markets. Make commercial breeders supply their license number on their advertisements.

Can pet stores stay in business? YES! They can switch to the humane model of business and keep their doors open.

Remind me again, why do I care?  Here's why!

What are the FAQ about puppy mills? Check it out!

What do I do now? You MUST call your State Representative and Senator to ask them to support or co-sponsor the memorandum introduced by Rep Jason Ortitay. 

How do I find my reps? Find out here!


Did you know that we need almost 30 senators and over 100 representatives to vote yes on the PA Puppy Mill Retail Sales Ban to make it happen?

That is why we NEED you to call your people!!

It doesn't get easier than this! Please make some calls. PA dogs, cats, and bunnies are counting on you.

(814) 382-7200 Rep Parke Wentling
(814) 897-2080 Rep Curt Sonney (call and say THANKS!)
(814) 336-1136 Rep Brad Roae
(814) 835-2880 Rep Ryan Bizzarro (call and say THANKS!)
(814) 459-1949 Rep Pat Harkins
(814) 453-2515 Sen Dan Laughlin ​(call and say THANKS!)
(724) 588-8911 Sen Michelle Brooks

(814) 382-7200 Rep Parke Wentling
(814) 336-1136 Rep Brad Roae
(814) 723-5203 Rep Kathy Rapp
(724) 588-8911 Sen Michelle Brooks

(814) 723-5203 Rep Kathy Rapp
(724) 588-8911 Sen Michelle Brooks
(814) 677-6345 Sen Scott Hutchinson

If you need help with what to say, you are calling to ask these legislators to: consider cosponsoring and supporting Representative Jason Ortitay's Memorandum requiring pet stores to sell dogs, cats, and rabbits from rescue organizations instead of mills. Above all, remember to remain respectful and factual - THAT is how we will achieve our goals!!

If you live outside of these counties - just click here to get your rep contact info. Scroll down to the map, and click your county.


#EriePuppyMillAwareness #HeartlandPetsGoHumaneOrGoAway

Erie Puppy Mill Awareness