Erie Puppy Mill Awareness


Erie Puppy Mill Awareness and the

“Go Humane or Go Away” Movement

We want to encourage everyone who has ever wanted to make a large, positive contribution to the animal community to please actively join us in our fight to educate the Erie area about puppy mill cruelty. Inhumanely bred animals are shipped across state lines and into our own hometown, to then be re-sold to unsuspecting customers. Our group's focus is educating Erie County about the suffering that happens to breeding dogs in puppy mills. We are doing it peacefully, intelligently and in an educated manner. We have facts and passion on our side, so please, if you have ever "liked" a comment about stopping puppy mills, join us in really doing something active in accomplishing that goal.

Our goals

  • Raise public awareness & ignite activism against commercial dog breeding facilities
  • Educate the community about locations that support puppy mill cruelty
  • Promote puppy mill awareness to various public groups and platforms

Our methods

  • Use social media to unite activism, plan events, & spread facts about puppy mill awareness
  • Use legal avenues of research to identify illegal or inhumane practices in the puppy mill market
  • Encourage factual media attention to bring awareness to the community
  • Organize peaceful protests to educate the community
  • Show support to all local rescue & adoption groups
  • Organize outreach programs to encourage a next generation animal welfare advocates in Erie

Get Involved

Are you a teacher? An artist? A printer? Are you involved with media? Are you a writer? College student? Veterinary professional? Past customer of Heartland Pets?

Have you ever loved a dog? We can use your help!