Erie Puppy Mill Awareness


I've Bought from Heartland Pets - Now What?

So many people in Erie County have purchased dogs or other pets from Heartland Pets, but we truly feel that if people know what their dollars are supporting inside that store, they will no longer shop there. Those who have purchased from the store in the past are the most reliable source of information for our cause. So please, speak up. You won't be judged. But you will save lives.

1) Contact us. The most valuable information that you can share is the paperwork you got when you purchased your pup, the things the store told you when you were deciding to purchase, and the health of your pup (both upon purchase and in the long run). Know that the Puppy Lemon Law exists!

2) Do you feel like you were scammed? Let us get you in touch with a lawyer. Contact us.

3) Contact Heartland Pets & the Millcreek Mall. Tell them that you once purchased a pup, but you know the truth. Tell them you won't set foot in Heartland Pets again until they Go Humane. If you're as passionate as we are, tell the whole mall you're boycotting them until the store either has gone humane, or gone away. 

Heartland Pets
Millcreek Mall

4) Make a statement. Use our hashtags on Facebook, Instagram, google, yelp, etc. Hang fliers at work or in your neighborhood (we can send you some). Put our cards at the front desk of your small business. Speak the truth anywhere you can. Contact us with an idea for an event or fundraiser. Pull your strings to save some lives! If you don't protect your friends and family from supporting this cruel, outdated, unnecessary industry, who will? #heartlandpetsgohumaneorgoaway #eriepuppymillawareness

5) Volunteer. Sign up to help tell Erie County the truth. Just a couple of hours one month can make a huge difference in our community! E-mail Stephanie @ to get started.

6) File some reports. 
The Humane Society of the United States Puppy Mill Complaint Form

Better Business Bureau (BBB) (A+ is the default rating for businesses!)

7) Shop & Donate. We use every penny we raise to educate the community and therefore save the lives of dogs & puppies. 

8) Spark conversation: wear your EPMA shirt around town. Once you've got it, tag your location in a picture of you wearing it, and use the hashtag #EPMAShowMeYourShirt to increase the visibility on social media! Hang fliers with permission at work. Ask your office to do a penny war fundraiser for us. Contact us for more ideas!

9) Teach your children well. Tell them the truth about the puppies at Heartland Pets. They won't grow up to purchase a dog and enable cruelty

10) Stay suspicious. Online retailers, newspaper ads, flea markets - all of these places support puppy mills or at best, backyard breeding. Don't fall victim again. If you'd like to find a good breeder - take our advice.

11) Adopt. Always make adoption your first option. If you want a specific breed, just be patient and they will show up. Otherwise, open your heart and home to a mixed breed, or as we like to call them, an American Shelter Dog. Check to easily browse all your local rescues and shelters. For the most up to date listings, visit the shelters themselves. Be prepared to answer questions and be interviewed! The shelters just want to make sure they find a forever home for their rescue.