Erie Puppy Mill Awareness


Finding A Compassionate and Good Breeder

Not all breeders are created equal. Stop looking for a puppy, and start looking for a BREEDER. If you’re seeking a purebred pup, Erie Puppy Mill Awareness wants to make sure you get a healthy, well socialized pup that was bred and raised in compassionate circumstances! We want to make sure your pup’s Mom & Dad are just as loved as your new pup will be. As always, consider adoption first. There are purebreds & designer dogs that need to be rescued!

The Location

  1. No reputable breeder sells a pet to a pet store or middle man for resale. Ever. Period.
  2. You won’t find responsibly bred pets at a flea market or via an online cash exchange.
  3. You’ll be allowed to look around the home AND property. It should seem clean. Ask to see where the pups were born. Ask to see where the parents play. If there is a barn, ask to peek inside. A reputable breeder will respect the fact that you are actively trying NOT to support a puppy mill.

The Parents

  1. Should be lively, and clean. They shouldn’t shy away from visitors and should be friendly. They walk comfortably on grass and indoors, and they are not continually confined to cages.
  2. Weren’t bred for the first time until they were at least 2 years old
  3. Each female should be bred only a few times in her lifetime.
  4. Have psychological and physical needs met. Lots of toys, socialization, exercise, and enrichment.

The Puppies

  1. The breeder only breeds one or two types of dogs. That is it!!
  2. Puppies aren’t always available! The breeder may keep your information and notify you when the next litter is ready to be bred.
  3. Are ONLY sold to people he/she has met in person or interviewed extensively, and “home-checked”
  4. Have seen the veterinarian multiple times and the breeder should readily provide organized, detailed, professional looking proof of the puppy’s veterinary visits, history, and vaccinations.

The Breeder

  1. Provides a written guarantee against congenital health and temperament problems that would provide another puppy or your money back. Bad breeders will only uphold their guarantee if you return your puppy or euthanize it.
  2. Encourages you to visit multiple times, long before your puppy is ready to go home
  3. Provides you with a written contract BEFORE purchase, and allows you plenty of time to read it.
  4. Offers lifelong guidance for care and training of your puppy
  5. Is actively involved with local, regional and national clubs, and is a member in good standing with their breed's national club. May compete in AKC or UKC sanctioned conformation events and/or performance events. Breeding animals merely being "AKC registered" is NOT enough
  6. Can and will explain in detail the potential genetic and developmental problems inherent to their breed. Parents and grandparents of your pet have been screened by a veterinary professional and the results registered with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).

The Breeder Requires YOU to

  1. Answer a lot of questions! He/She wants to make sure YOU are fit to adopt one of their “kids”
  2. Explain why you want a pet, and what you know about the specific breed
  3. Explain who in your family will be responsible for daily care & training, and ask you to tell them about your new pet’s “daily life”
  4. Provide proof that your landlord/condo/etc will allow you to have a pet
  5. Provide a vet reference and personal reference
  6. Sign a contract requiring you to spay or neuter the pet unless you will be actively showing him/her
  7. Sign a contract stating that you will return the pet to the breeder at any time, should you be unable to keep the pet at any point, for any reason.