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Our group's focus is educating the public on how puppy mills inflict suffering and cruelty solely for the purpose of selling their puppies for profit. We use peaceful and factual methods to expose the industry and the local businesses that support it.

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Photo Credit: National Puppy Mill Project

Are you a teacher? An artist? A printer? Involved with media? College student? Veterinary professional? Past customer of Heartland? Have you ever loved a dog? We can use your help!

Photo Credit: National Puppy Mill Project

Heartland Pets & Puppy Mills​

Visit this page to see the research and proof that Heartland Pets is selling puppies from puppy mills.

Photo Credit: National Puppy Mill Project

Photo Credit: National Puppy Mill Project

Photo Credit: National Puppy Mill Project

EPMA has many events throughout the year to help raise awareness about puppy mills, #HeartlandPetsGoHumaneOrGoAway and fundraising. Click on the link below to find out the latest EPMA happenings.

EPMA has collected over 40 documented cases that Heartland Pets has purchased puppies from puppy mills! By clicking here you will be able to see the breeders, records and documentation.

We also encourage you to submit records from Heartland Pets to us via email, so that we may be able to add to our growing database. By helping us document these inhumane practices you are helping stop puppy mills, save dogs that need your help and provide hope for a humane tomorrow. Join us today!

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